Billing ​

Palms Medical Transport, LLC provides care in accordance with Ga State EMS. We work with Medicare and Private Insurances on behalf of the patients for all billing needs.


We work hand in hand with the patients and Medical facilities. We provide Basic Life Support during transport under supervision
of a Medical Director. The majority of our transports are scheduled trips to and from patients' home, hospital, or nursing home to a facility providing diagnostic or specialized treatment or care.

Who We are​​

Direction ​

We offer BLS ambulance Transportation for patients who qualify by Medical Necessity. Palms offers Basic Life Support by ambulance transport from home, hospital, or nursing homes to a facility that provides diagnostic or specialized treatment. "Non-emergency transport include Dialysis Centers, Wound Care Centers and doctor appointments for diagnostic services.

P.A.L.M.S. provides ambulance transport by licensed and trained EMT'S. P.A.L.M.S. NOW provides NET transport by stretcher and wheel chair with certified CPR Drivers.​

​People A​nd Lives Mean Something

Why P.A.L.M.S. Medical Transportation?

We are a transportation service that, stands for People And Lives Mean Something. Palms is an ambulance service that offers assurance and reliability for medical patients that receive Dialysis treatment. All patients transported by Palms may have certain medical conditions that require Basic Life Support by emergency medical certified technicians.

Before patients are transported by Palms, they are approved by their medical physician or nursing staff for single transports. The Physician approves the transport based on the patients' medical needs, preexisting history and current medical status.


P.A.L.M.S. provides ambulance transport by stretcher with licensed and trained EMT'S P.A.L.M.S. NOW provides NET transport by stretcher and wheel chair with certified CPR Drivers.